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Our organic Rhododendron Honey is the result of an accurate nomadism path. The bees, at the beginning of the summer, are led to high mountain, in Aosta Valley and Piedmont. Only nectar foraged above 1,500 meters produces "high mountain" honey. 

Rhododendron honey, which comes from the very beautiful and well-known plant, is particularly rare and produced almost exclusively in Italy. It is fresh and refined and has a very light color (it turns white when crystallized).

Our Rhododendron honey is part to the SLOW FOOD PRESDIA - High Mountain Honeys:

The Presidium aims to revive and enhance High Mountain Honeys, the result of the hard work of beekeepers who move among the mountain pastures to position their hives near the best blooms. Nomadic beekeeping in the mountains is not widely practiced and cannot compete with sedentary beekeeping in terms of volume, but the result is excellent honey of the very highest quality.


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Rhododendron organic honey - made in Italy

Origin: Piedmont and Aosta Valley
Harvest period: june - july
Consistency: Rhododendron Honey is one of the products crystallising more rapidly. It reveals a homogeneous consistency at the sight, and, thanks to its fine and soluble grains, it recalls a delicate candy to the palate.
Colour: It is an almost white honey: light ivory and pearly during its natural crystallisation process.

Taste: Slightly sweet, organic Rhododendron Honey refreshes and renders every day a nice day. At the taste, it reveals its gentle floral nature, giving a soft sugar flavour. The experts talk about its fruity nuance, recalling the green part of watermelon, and describe it as the souvenir of pure beeswax.

Flavour: Rhododendron Honey shows a gentle aroma for adults and children. It is a delicate product, whose fragrance to the palate reflects the smell: fruity, floral, light and round. In the mouth, the persistence of its aroma leaves room to the souvenir of a sweet candy.

Organic Certified by ICEA – Supervised operator: I1865 – Monitoring organisation authorized by MIPAAFT: ITBIO006 - ITALIAN AGRICOLTURE

produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Thanks to its delicate sweetness and to its unique consistency, Rhododendron Honey matches pleasantly well with blue and ripened cheese. It is an ideal ingredient to marinate fish or in the preparation of typical risotto of mountain environments, in association with porcini mushrooms, pasture cheese and fruits of the forest. Rhododendron Honey is excellent in association with more acid ingredients as well, for example tomato sauce and summer salads made with small fresh tomatoes and feta cheese. Finally, it is recommended on toasted and crunchy bread and as sweetener in herbal teas.

The rose tree, a priority habitat

Rhododendron is a botanical genus enclosing several plant varieties and known since the ancient times. It is an evergreen shrub well adapted to moor lands, in subalpine and alpine areas. The plants of this genus are normally localised next to each other in mountain environments and form floral carpets, well recognizable by bees. This kind of landscape is registered as priority habitat to be protected.

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