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alpine wildflowers organic

I Nettari BIO / alpine wildflowers organic

Our organic alpine honey grows in high mountain environments, between Aosta Valley and Piedmont. It is harvested in June.

Alpine honey comes from many different plants, including rhododendron, campanula, sainfoin, clover, raspberry, and wild thyme. It is a splendid and delicate product whose characteristics vary from place to place and from year to year.

Our Alpine honey is part to the SLOW FOOD PRESDIA - High Mountain Honeys:

The Presidium aims to revive and enhance High Mountain Honeys, the result of the hard work of beekeepers who move among the mountain pastures to position their hives near the best blooms. Nomadic beekeeping in the mountains is not widely practiced and cannot compete with sedentary beekeeping in terms of volume, but the result is excellent honey of the very highest quality.


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Alpine flowers organic honey - made in Italy

Origin: Piedmont and Aosta Valley
Harvest period: june
Consistency: Some months after the harvest, depending on the type and composition of the nectar, Alpine Flora Honey crystallises in a homogeneous and mellow manner. It is a slow process which, over time, allows to test the grains and the creaminess in relation to the plant varieties present in the territory offered to the bees.
Colour: The nuance of Alpine Flora Honey varies from golden, when crystallised, to light amber turning to a deep and sandy sunset, with pearly grains and liquid green. The discovery of Alpine Flower Honey changes every year and reflects the set of nectars available in the territory.
Taste: Alpine Flora Honey offers a framework of memories: an embrace of monofloral honey flavours giving the chance to taste a unique and intense aroma. From mild rhododendron to pungent dandelion or peculiar thyme, to end with brief notes of honeydew. 

Flavour: A surprise even for the experts, the honey produced from Alpine flowers astonishes from time to time, giving a varied and coloured bouquet enclosed in a jar. The aroma releases different essences: a combination of scents and tastes always unexpected, elegant and exquisite.


Organic Certified by ICEA – Supervised operator: I1865 – Monitoring organisation authorized by MIPAAFT: ITBIO006 - ITALIAN AGRICOLTURE

produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Alpine Flora Honey is the ideal partner for every mountain product, from pasture cheese, like toma and the typical fontina, to blackberry, raspberry and blueberry salads in association with venison in aromatic herb sauces. The average sweetness of this product allows its use in teas or refreshing drinks made with mountain herbs and flowers.

The Alps in a jar

The high mountain is one of the richest environments in terms of biodiversity and bees play a fundamental role in the protection and preservation of this latter. The variety of plant species welcomes the dance of forager bees, which transport pollen from one flower to another. Day by day, the bees harvest different nectars and, in a short time, they gather the Alps into a jar. A surprise for each glutton in the family.

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