LE QUERCE is a family-run business which started in 1998 when Giuseppe Perino decided to realize and develop his passion for beekeeping.
“We feel an innate love for nature and its several beneficial virtues. For this reason we keep its real essence and we protect it with devotion year after year”.

The constant and laborious family activity and the rich vegetation of the Anfiteatro Morenico in the Canavese area, give rise to a high quality organic
honey line: I NETTARI BIO. A wide range that includes different honey types, obtained by the nomadism technique. The conformation of the Italian territory
and the diversity of climate and vegetation let us get a broad variety of monoflora honey. This is where our mission starts, giving a high quality and varied
selection: I NETTARI. This line rises from the precious and reliable cooperation with some farmers who work in different areas of our country.

Using honey as the essential ingredient, two more lines have born: I TESORI, tiny delicacies made of fruit and honey, the LE DELIZIE, spreadable fruity creams and exquisite sweets made with the main beehive products.

For the more refined palates, we have created an artisanal exclusive line to get addicted to, which includes I PECCATI, soft-hearted chocolates, Panettone filled with delicious creams and our Grappa, with honey flavour. Our assortment is completed by an array dedicated to wellness: LE VIRTÙ, a line of specific and natural beehive products. Simultaneously we have developed a new organic range, LE GENUINE, composed of excellent jams.



“The health of our bees comes first.We take care of them by breeding
them according to practices that reflect our love and respect for
nature: nomadic beekeeping, to achieve the rarest blooms and to ensure
the biodiversity of the territory and organic production methods”.


LE QUERCE s.n.c. di Perino Filippo & C.
Regione Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 - Azeglio (TO) Italia
+39 0125 727415
+39 3476580854
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