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Eucalyptus Honey is harvested in July and september from Lazio to Sicily, in conjunction with the period of full bloom of this plant variety, originally from Oceania.

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Eucalyptus honey - made in Italy

Origin: center and southern Italy
Harvest period: july
Consistency: Eucalyptus Honey crystallises in a homogeneous and compact manner. It is a creamy product giving to the palate a gentle and harmonic touch due to its very fine crystals.
Colour: From amber coloured when liquid to beige, almost hazelnut, when crystallised. A light yellow tone appears in the milky coffee nuance.
Taste: At the taste, savoury and sweet notes are pleasantly interweaved. Liquorice flavour embraces the plant character of Eucalyptus Honey, whose secret is enclosed in a note of dried mushrooms.  

Flavour: As during an autumn walk in the woods, smell and taste are blended. The intense aroma coming from Eucalyptus Honey gives a warm sensation, which experts define as lactic. The warm plant spirit of dried mushrooms embraces the souvenir of a stick of fresh liquorice. 


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Eucalyptus Honey matches surprisingly well with legume or fish soups, and with risotto. It is a versatile product, ideal in association with goat and blue cheese, salted butter, oriental dishes like raw fish, shrimps and vegetables. For quiet evenings, a teaspoon of Eucalyptus Honey is recommended in infusions and hot milk.

Eucalyptus genus encloses several species and plant varieties. The name derives from the association of ancient Greek words explaining the fact that this plant hides the inner parts of its flower with the petals. This plant originally comes from Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. In Italy, its presence dates back to the period of remediation of the centre of the peninsula, more specifically of southern Lazio.

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