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I Nettari / arbutus

Between Corsica and Sardinia islands, this product is considered a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. The harvest time corresponds to the full bloom of this species, from october to november, a period when bees do not show a constant activity.

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Arbutus honey - made in Italy

Origin: Calabria and Sardinia
Harvest period: october - november
Consistency: creamy and rich in round and very fine crystals, Arbutus Honey is homogeneous and soft to the palate.
Colour: arbutus Honey presents a mixture of colours, from amber shades when the product is liquid, to nut-grey or milky coffee when crystallized.
Taste: a very light sweet note opens and closes the tasting of a definitely bitter and slightly astringent product. The tasting itinerary firstly recalls traditional rhubarb candies. Then, when Arbutus Honey meets mouth receptors, it shows its toasted and unripe soul, as that of underground bitter roots or green branches. The persistent aftertaste leaves a raw coffee bean fingerprint.

Flavour: coherently with its scent, Arbutus Honey aroma is a photograph of an after-meal coffee. It gives a pleasant bitter feeling, which leaves room for imagination: as if, we had tasted the leaf of a green and poisonous plant or an infusion of pungent wild grasses.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Arbutus Honey surprises diners all over the world for the unexpected associations with plant-derived and animal-derived products. Fresh and aged cheese, as well as bitter vegetables like thistle or artichoke, are the ideal partners of this honey. Arbutus honey also matches with coffee, peated whiskey, herbal teas made from bitter herbs and roots.

From Madrid to Ancona, Arbutus branches and fruits are represented on heraldic coats of arms of many cities. This is a xerophilus species, indeed it loves sunny and warm weather, forming shrubs in semi-arid environments. It is related to taller trees typical of the Mediterranean maquis. Its white flowers blossom from October to December, when the bees approach winter and are a bit tired, but still curious.

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