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Harvested in Campania honeycombs, borage honey is one of the most delicate among Italian varieties. Hard to recognize, easy to taste: creamy to the palate if tasted soon after being poured in its jar, crystallized if we wait longer. Borage honey shows a unique and clear colour, with an aromatic and floral taste. It is not very persistent in the mouth and it adapts very well to all kind of recipes.

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Borage honey - made in Italy

Origin: Campania
Harvest period: April
Consistency: Borage honey varies from a semiliquid-creamy to a soft and crystallized consistency.
Colour: The shades of borage honey vary from ivory white to beige.
Taste: One taste of borage honey is enough to recall a warm and delicate feeling. The sweetness on the palate is accompanied by a natural aromatic tone.

Flavour: In line with the delicacy of its taste and the softness of its light colour, the flavour of this honey gives a light feeling of freshness and persistent sweetness after the taste.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Due to its delicate and slightly aromatic soul, borage honey is easily used for the preparation of many dishes, as a secret ingredient. It can be added to adjust the acidity in Mediterranean sauces or added to vinaigrette mixture. We recommend tasting this product on his own as well, spread on a slice of toasted and buttered bread or simply as a sweetener of cold drinks, herbal and classic teas.

It is an herbaceous plant belonging to Borraginaceae family and it grows spontaneously up to 1000 m on the sea level. This species, in our days, is widely cultivated in Europe although it was imported by Asia in the past. It bears oval and elliptical leaves known for their velvety surface. This characteristic is the reason of its name: borage comes from Latin borra, meaning a woollen tissue.

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