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I Nettari

I Nettari / Thistle

Several species belonging to the Carduus genus, when they grow as wild plants, share the same flowering period. Between June and July, in Sardinia, bees fly from flower to flower, allowing the harvesting of a monofloral honey.

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Thistle honey - made in Italy

Origin: Sardinia and Sicily
Harvest period: may - July
Consistency: Very fine crystals, resulting in a creamy and firm consistency, render Thistle Honey pleasant in the mouth.
Colour: Thistle Honey shows an amber colour with green shades, slightly lighter and orange when crystallized.
Taste: Reminding a florist’s atelier, Thistle Honey releases a floral and slightly sweet sensation. It is an imperceptibly bitter delicacy, slightly astringent, with a persistent plant note.

Flavour: Characterized by an intense and slightly pungent aroma, Thistle Honey releases a soft floral fragrance, with a note of cut stem or recently faded bouquet. The aftertaste recalls a scent defined as “animal” by the expert honey assessors.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Because of its persistent plant note and pungent aroma, Thistle Honey perfectly matches with legume soups, combined with vegetables and spicy meat dishes. It matches with sweet-and-sour dishes enriched with mustard as well.

The several species belonging to the Carduus genus are all related to the well-known artichoke. They are herbaceous plants, presenting a bitter taste and a firm structure. Since ancient times, thistle witnesses the history of humankind: from Egypt to Plinio’s “Natural History”, it is considered as a refined food, suitable for cheese curdling and game dishes. It is one of the recurrent vegetables served with Piedmont “bagna cauda”. Thistle can be used fresh or whitened.

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