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Citrus Honey is obtained in Apulia, Sicily and Calabria from orange and clementine nectars. It is harvested during spring, between March and May, in conjunction with Citrus species bloom.

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Citrus honey - made in Italy

Origin: Apulia, Calabria and Sicily
Harvest period: April - May
Consistency: Citrus honey tends to crystallise quite rapidly. In a short time, it reveals its final consistency, naturally soft and creamy, due to the presence of fine and round crystals, giving a pleasant taste to the palate and a silky feel to the touch.
Colour: From pale gold yellow when liquid, to ivory-white when crystallised.
Taste: Sweet and delicate, Citrus Honey satisfies the research of a floral taste, slightly fruity and weakly acid.

Flavour: In the mouth, smell and taste meet: the orange blossom fragrance brings a fine floral aroma to the palate, reflecting the delicate scent of this product. This is a pleasantly soft honey, bringing the atmosphere of its land of origin and recalling the characteristic zagara fragrance, that of Citrus flowers.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Our Citrus Honey is ideal to sweeten hot, iced and herbal teas as well as to enrich sweet and savoury dishes. It can be used to prepare a tasty dip or a salad sauce mixed with oil and lemon juice, to marinate raw fish or accompanying spring omelettes. Citrus Honey matches particularly well with patisseries. It is indeed a secret ingredient of original whipped cream, pies and fried pastry.

Orange, lemon and bergamot tree blossoms are enclosed in the term “zagara”, together with other flowers of the Citrus genus. This term comes from the Arabian words “zahara”, meaning shining white, and “zahr”, flower. Orange trees are between the most diffused and cultivated all over the world, including many varieties, characterized by yellow to red pulp and juice.

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