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french honeysuckle

I Nettari / french honeysuckle

Our Sulla Honey is harvested during summer, in conjunction with the full bloom of this herbaceous plant. In June and July, in Calabria and Sicily, lands turn dark rosy, the typical of the flowers of this plant variety.

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French honeysuckle honey - made in Italy

Origin: center and southern Italy
Harvest period: may - june
Consistency: This is a crystallised honey, easily distinguishable from the other types of honey because of the variable size of its crystals: Sulla Honey presents large grains immersed in a fine and mellow matrix, soft to the palate and soluble.
Colour: Sulla Honey presents a gentle ivory shade interweaved with a hint of bright gold.
Taste: Mildly sweet, Sulla Honey presents a very delicate taste, characterised by a plant note and defined by the experts as dry. To the palate, the aftertaste remains subtle, but its light and persistent tone recalls Mediterranean souvenirs: from ripened dates to green legumes.

Flavour: The scent of Sulla Honey reminds that of boiled green beans, and the aroma, where smell and taste meet, confirms such blend of honey and of cooked plant flavour. What results to the palate is a picture of the delicate and, at the same time, strong character of this honey, dry and quiet robust.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Sulla Honey is a surprising ingredient in bakery because it offers delicacy and tone to sweet and savoury doughs. Excellent on toast bread with or without butter. This product is largely used as sweetener in teas and herbal drinks, or with pastries at coffee time.

Sulla, whose scientific name is Hedysarum coronarium, is a perennial forage grass belonging to the family of leguminous plants, related to green beans, mimosa and acacia. Its name derives from the sugary and fragrant sensation given by its flowers and by their appearance. They are grouped in crown inflorescences, called zulla in Spanish and then transformed to sulla.

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