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I Nettari / wild flowers

Our Wild Flower Honey is harvested in Italy, where forager bees vary their diet and choose between a great biological diversity of plant species. Indeed, this is a product to discover year after year.

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Wilf flowers honey - made in Italy

Origin: Italy
Harvest period: April - july
Consistency: Wild Flower Honey represents an interweave of different nectars coming from several plant varieties which grow in the harvest areas. For this reason, this honey changes its composition depending on the geographical localisation and the harvest period. Generally, it presents a liquid consistency and crystallises slowly some months after the harvest.
Colour: Wild Flower Honey shade varies with its nectar composition. It can show amber or copper nuances, with a hint of light green.
Taste: Wild Flower Honey is always unpredictable. Depending on the harvest period, it shows different colours, fragrances and consistency: from a sweet and delicate tone to a bitter and almost tannic aftertaste. It is a complex product, varying from caramelized to floral, from malty to bitter, from delicate to robust.

Flavour: Wild Flower Honey is known for the intense spirit of its aroma. It releases a floral and tannic sensation, which suddenly immerses the assessor in a rich biodiversity.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Wild Flower Honey is considered one of the most versatile honey. It is used to sweeten tea and milk, to marinate fish and meat, to garnish creamy desserts and in association with fresh and aged cheese. It is ideal with white yoghurt at breakfast.

A painting of nectars
Wild Flower Honey is a master of landscape painting: the set of plant varieties growing on the foraged area reflects the colours and nectars of each flower. In few days, the frames are filled with a precious interweave of aromas to savour, leading to a surprising portrait of the environment.

LE QUERCE s.n.c. di Perino Filippo & C.
Regione Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 - Azeglio (TO) Italia
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