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I Nettari / sunflower

Our Sunflower Honey is harvested in June and July, in the central regions of the Italian peninsula.

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Sunflower honey - made in Italy

Origin: center and souther Italy
Harvest period: june - july
Consistency: Sunflower Honey is crystallised. It is a creamy and homogeneous product, characterised by smooth medium-sized crystals.
Colour: Like the summer sun in a painting, the colour of Sunflower Honey tends to deep yellow nuances. The cause of this effect are the fine oily drops found in the pollen of this plant variety.
Taste: Sunflower Honey immediately gives a sweet and fresh sensation on the palate. It bears an unmistakable acid tone, recalling apricot jam on a homemade pie. The intense taste of transformed fruit comes with a deep and unexpected dried plant aftertaste, which reminds freshly mown hay.

Flavour: While tasting Sunflower Honey, the smell enriches the flavour, transforming the memory of apricot jam into a warm hay aroma and a mealy taste of pollen. Strongly intense, the spirit of this product refreshes the palate and gives pleasant sweet-acid notes.


produced by: Le Querce snc, reg. Vigna Granda, 2 - 10010 Azeglio (TO) - Italy

Thanks to the vivid tone of transformed fruit, Sunflower Honey is a good partner for simple and more elaborate recipes. Its acid character allows its presence on toasted and buttered bread or as a sweetener for teas and infusions. It is used to enrich the flavour of vegetable broth and spring soups.

The “flower of the sun”, main character of a series of famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, is not the true flower of the plant scientifically known as Helianthus annus. To be precise, what we call sunflower is made up of several flowers grouped to form an inflorescence. The blooming period is between July and October and the blossom, until the end of the summer, tends to track the sun. When the inflorescence reaches the full maturity, each flower turns towards the East.

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